March 09 2016

Carlesso | Handmade Italian Lamps |

Carlesso is synonymous with fine craftsmanship, elegance and tradition in the lighting sector.

The Carlesso story began in 1960 with Ceramiche Carlesso, which focused on the production of ceramic lamps and furnishing accessories.
Thanks to the distinctive style of the products, the business gradually grew, and in the 1990s the Carlesso brand began concentrating on decorative lighting for interiors, becoming a benchmark for elegance and unconventional, creative style.


2016 saw a restyling of the Carlesso brand, with a new logo created by incorporating the brand positioning “Handmade Italian” and the product category “Lamps”.
The double “S” of the logo is designed to symbolise the design of a ceiling lamp, able to instantly transmit a sense of elegance and sophistication, the hallmark features of Carlesso lamps.


The new Carlesso brand identity is also evident in the tag line: Handmade Italian Lamps
- our core business: LAMPS

2- our focus: HANDMADE – lamps shaped exclusively by the hands of expert craftsmen. Our approach purposely avoids standardised, serial productions, so every single Carlesso lamp has its own distinctive, unique features, guaranteeing you all the exclusive, prime-quality appeal of a handmade product.

3- ITALIAN: Since day one, Carlesso products have been made exclusively in Italy, making the most of the best the local area has to offer, from top-quality materials selected with the utmost care for their properties and functions to the fine craftsmanship skills that have been handed down through the generations and honed into an art form.

Carlesso is a brand able both to express and to create Prestige and Status.
Carlesso creations perfectly embody the company’s identity through fine-quality lamps with a sophisticated style, shaped from uniquely reliable, lasting materials.