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«Don’t think about making art, just get it done.
Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it.
While they are deciding, make even more art ».
Andy Warhol

Creativity in the artisan work
One of the most particular and original lamps, to provide an artistic touch to your home or office,
creating a contest of value and creativity.
An object that illuminates and at the same time furnishes, an object with an original form and bright colors.
With Dam’Art our research on décor continues, particularly on colors and their importance within an environment,
designing a lamp with a strong aesthetic value, minute attention to every single detail, utilizing an exquisite material
like porcelain, which expresses all its distinctiveness in transparencies.
It is not just about asserting a different identity, it is the intent of making Dam’Art an icon lamp,
dedicated to those who want exclusive and unique pieces.

With Dam’Art we want to offer you:

• A special and limited edition, the sale will last only a few weeks from when you will see the banner appear on the Home Page

• a lamp / furnishing object, you can choose to purchase the suspended lamp or the design object

• an original product, both in form and in the details of the hand decorated lampshades

• completely MADE IN ITALY, all manufacturing and decorating stages are handmade by our master artisans of Nove (City of Ceramic)

• 100% assistance, you can request information, ask questions and receive immediate answers

Furthermore, you will be able to choose your desired composition and color: blue, yellow, orange…

Colors enhance your living space and your wellbeing
It is true! Studies conducted by Environmental Psychology confirm that color is a fundamental element
in the space in which we live. Color has a great influence on mood and on the individual’s perceptions.
Each color, in fact, arouses emotions and sensations, some can help us concentrate, others relax
and others help us with creativity, reflection…
Colors attend to our psychological aspect, therefore it is interesting to know their effect to bring more benefits
to our lives and our homes.
Traditional medicine attributes great importance to the use of colors as natural medicine does, by utilizing the energizing
qualities of colors to help people with ailments such as stress, anxiety and fear.

Here are some helpful indicators on colors:

Yellow: the color of light and of the sun, it revitalizes, reactivates and frees from fears. It promotes mental
concentration and problem-solving.

Orange: a warm color, it represents the thrust to action and it is an emotional stimulus.
It helps improve mood and find love for life.

Blue: known as the color of quietude and rest, it facilitates mental activity, introspection and directs attention
more toward ourselves.

Pink: it is the color of the purest affection and it is considered the color that unites and sustains life.

Green: considered a healing color, it provides serenity, provides calm in case of of anxiety and stress and brings
equilibrium to body and mind.

Silver: it is considered the color of wisdom

With Dam’Art we have designed a lamp with an exclusive and unique style, dedicated to the persons
who look for distinction and uniqueness in their home.

Don’t’ miss this opportunity valid only for a few days.

Write us to receive the offer right away!


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