With more than half a century of experience in the interior lighting industry, Carlesso, a Vicenza’s area company, represents a symbol of the artisanship and tradition of Nove, a town commonly known as the “city of ceramic”.
Carlesso’s “artisan” identity is maintained regardless of the growing attention toward research and innovation by working each single product with special care and making it into a unique and inimitable creation. The company thus celebrates and promotes a tradition that has its roots in the eighteenth century. To today, the local manufacturing, widely known outside Nove and appreciated even by the Doge of Venice continues to play a central role.
The art of the Venetian’s ceramic and specifically that of Nove, is evoked by Carlesso who started to use this material since the 1960s, precious and renowned, ceramic has an essential role in the company’s artisan manufacturing while approaching new materials which have entered the production process only in recent years. The choice of exquisite high quality materials together with the expertise of the artisans who work the raw material is translated into the creation of a product of superb quality with a timeless appeal.


The “artisan” approach maintained by the company, regardless of the requirements for modernity, represents a true artistic heritage able of giving value to the wisdom of the Vicenza’s Masters. Concurrently the originality of the finished product offers everyone the opportunity of choosing a design piece of furniture able to give prominence to every environment with an exclusive style. Carlesso’s offers, therefore, products perfectly suited to the specific needs of each client. The company has the talent to combine local traditions, such as blown glass and porcelain, with the research for a modern and up-to-date style and detailed decorations obtained through a manual processing technique enhancing the elegance and refinement of each lamp. The artisan’s techniques are applied not only to glass and ceramic, materials used by Carlesso since the birth of the company, but also to precious fabrics, like silk, perfect to obtain sinuous and refined forms and original light’s effects. In conclusion, the philosophy of the company, fully reflects the artisan’s vocation of the city of Nove and perpetuates its most authentic traditions