Technical data:
A delightful effect created by the colours, with the light both on and off.
Thanks to the original metal coating, the soft light of this ceiling light is the
perfect furnishing complement able to bring a touch of elegancento any setting.
Kel is composed of three shapes in borosilicate glass, and is available in both a multiple
with 3, 6, 12 diffusers and a single composition. A variety of versions can be composed on request.


Borosilicate glass is a light material yet able, at the same time, to guarantee:

• strength
• resistance to high temperatures

This distinctive feature makes borosilicate glass a material widely used in the production of lamps
and other design’s products. Versatile and easy to clean, objects in borosilicate glass can be incorporated
in various contexts. This material, specifically, allows for the creation of practical products to be used in interior spaces.
Borosilicate glass can be worked both into traditional geometric shapes and into unusual and innovative designs.

Borosilicate glass

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